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Friday Sep 01, 2023

"I don’t want kids to have to spend their life compensating for their learning challenges and so we don’t teach them to manage or to cope. We really identify and develop the underlying skills that are actually at the root of the problem in order to remove the roadblocks to reading and to learning."
-Jill Stowell
Jill Stowell and Suzanne McClure - Head of School at MUSE Global Schools in Calabasas - discuss ways to help our kids embrace and value their own differences:
✅ How to invite kids' passions into the classroom to help them feel more engaged
✅ When kids are part of the process, they build executive function skills
✅ How neurodivergent kids can make and keep friends
➡️ MUSE highly values passion and the idea of allowing students to merge their interests, curiosities, and passions with their academic life.
➡️ As parents and educators, whenever we can help kids see that what they're learning in school actually relates to their real life, especially something they're really good at or passionate about, the learning becomes so much more meaningful.
➡️ When parents and teachers engage with students around their interests and passions, students develop a sense of confidence and autonomy and ownership.
➡️ When students and teachers work together, the students are able to build executive function skills around self-management and self-control.
➡️ Encouraging your child's passion may also lead to him finding and keeping friends who have similar interests.
➡️ Jill and Suzanne also dig into why the nontraditional approaches to education that both MUSE and Stowell Learning Center take are a key component to the future success of our neurodivergent kids. Teaching kids how to "cope" with their learning challenges will not open the door to possibility the way that getting to the root of the problem will.
➡️ Episode Resources and Transcript: https://stowellcenter.com/2023/09/01/episode-69-embracing-differences-and-building-social-emotional-health-suzanne-mcclure/
➡️ Speak to a Learning Specialist for Free: https://stowellcenter.com/contact 
Suzanne McClure & MUSE Global School
🌐 MUSE Global School
ⓕ MUSE on Facebook
ⓘ MUSE on Instagram
ⓣ MUSE on Twitter
📕 The OMD Plan - by Suzy Cameron

Friday Aug 04, 2023

"What I'm really interested in when I'm working with kids is them really engaging in the learning and growing process and them feeling awesome about who they are."-Seth PerlerIn this episode, Seth Perler breaks down some time-saving strategies for parents and teachers to help build executive function skills with their kids and get student buy-in at the start of the new school year.Plus, hear Seth's empowering message to kids, and learn about TEFOS - The Executive Function Online Summit - HAPPENING AUGUST 11-13, 2023.✅ Tips for parents: How to get your kids in the right mindset and off to a good start in school✅ Advice for teachers in prepping for the new school year✅ Seth's advice for kids as they head into the new school year✅ TEFOS (The Executive Function Online Summit): What is it, who is it for, and how to get the most out of it--➡️ TEFOS is a free online event Hosted by Seth Perler, ADHD, 2E, and Executive Function coach.➡️ If your child, teen, or young adult struggles with executive function, you really don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn along with tens of thousands of parents and educators around the world about executive function and get practical strategies you can use to help your child. (If you still have a little summer vacation time left in August and can’t make it live, you can purchase the all-access pass and watch anytime).🎟️ TEFOS Info and Registration🧠 Executive Function Info Page: Definition, Symptoms, Testing and Treatment🎧 Episode Transcript and Resources📞 Speak to a learning specialist

Friday Jul 28, 2023

"Your unique, interesting, neurodivergent brain is what makes you perfect and amazing exactly how you are."-Seth PerlerIn this episode, Seth Perler offers some words of encouragement for kids as they prepare for the new school year.PLUS learn about TEFOS - The Executive Function Online Summit - Happening August 11 - 13, 2023➡️ TEFOS is a free online event Hosted by Seth Perler, ADHD, 2E, and Executive Function coach.➡️ If your child, teen, or young adult struggles with executive function, you really don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn along with tens of thousands of parents and educators around the world about executive function and get practical strategies you can use to help your child. (If you still have a little summer vacation time left in August and can’t make it live, you can purchase the all-access pass and watch anytime).🎧 Episode Resources and Transcript
🎟️ TEFOS Info and Registration
🧠 Executive Function Info Page: Definition, Symptoms, Testing and Treatment
📞 Speak to a learning specialist

Friday Jun 30, 2023

In this replay of The Refocus Podcast with Angela Stephens, Angela and Jill explore:
✅ ADHD and Auditory Processing Disorder
✅ Anxiety, especially in children
✅ Why Stowell Learning Center is the last stop for parents who are looking for permanent solutions for their kids with learning or attention challenges
Angela Stephens hosts the Re-Focus Podcast and she interviews CEOs, Senior Executives, ADHD Coaches, Business Coaches, Presidents, Surgeons, and more on how they focus and re-focus when they face adversity.
➡️ The Re-Focus Podcast with Angela Stephens: Jill Stowell discusses auditory processing and managing anxiety
➡️ Go to www.ReFocusWithAngela.com to find all of her podcast episodes.
➡️ Auditory Processing Information and Free Resources Page
➡️ At Wit's End by Jill Stowell - Chapter 10: Auditory Processing
➡️ Take the Stone Out of the Shoe by Jill Stowell - Chapter 5: What Do Challenges With Processing Skills Look Like?
🗣️ Want to speak directly to a learning specialist? Click here.

Friday Jun 02, 2023

"I just really want the world to know that the struggles associated with learning disabilities and dyslexia do not have to be permanent. They really can change. The brain is amazing!"
- Jill Stowell
In this episode, Jessyka Coulter interviews Jill Stowell for the "Love to Learn 2023" virtual event.
Jill uses Stowell Learning Center's Learning Skills Continuum to explain why some students struggle in school.
You'll learn there are whole sets of underlying skills that need to be in place for optimal learning. If any of these skills are weak or inefficient, the attention system is going to be stressed, and the student will struggle.
Jill also explains why the vast majority of the students who are reported to have attention issues, do not actually have ADHD, but that most attention challenges are just a symptom of a weak underlying skills.
Learning Skills Continuum
At Wit's End
Take the Stone Out of the Shoe: Chapter 3 - Understanding the Problem Beneath the Problem
➡️ Speak directly with a learning specialist

Friday May 19, 2023

"Our ability to be our best is under attack."
- Alex Doman
There are more mental health challenges today than ever before, and Alex Doman, founder of Vital Neuro and this week’s LD Expert Podcast guest, is on a mission to help people shift back to where they need to be for a less stressful, more balanced life.
What is Vital Neuro?Vital Neuro is a new technology for neuro performance training that is personalized to change your state of mind using real-time EEG and psycho-acoustically designed music.
More areas of the brain are involved when experiencing music than any other input to the nervous system, so this revolutionary tool can help us to:
have a healthier stress-response
optimize and improve focus
activate our executive function
learn how to more easily relax
get a restorative night’s sleep so that neuroplasticity can take place as your brain consolidates the events of the day
Alex Doman - Founder of Advanced Brain Technologies and Vital Neuro
Advanced Brain Technologies
The Listening Program
Vital Neuro
Auditory Processing Information Page
➡️ Want to know more about Vital Neuro or speak directly to a Learning Specialist? Call 877-774-0444 or go to https://stowellcenter.com/learning-specialist-call/

Friday May 12, 2023

“Am I really alone out there in the world? Am I the only mom who feels this way?”
Being the mom of a neurodiverse child can be difficult and lonely.
In this episode of the LD Expert Podcast, Jill Stowell is talking to Megan Champion, mother of a neurodiverse child, host of the "On The Hard Days" podcast, and founder of "Mothers Together."
Megan shares her story, and she has some important messages to share with other mothers.

Friday May 05, 2023

The twice exceptional, or "2E" population can be truly baffling for parents and teachers.These students are often misunderstood because they have both skills and deficits.This means that their often high intelligence and academic success can very easily mask their weak underlying behavior or executive functioning skills.In this episode of the LD Expert Podcast, Jill Stowell and Lauren Ma, Director of Clinical Growth and Operations at Stowell Learning Centers, dig into the dichotomy of the 2E population.RESOURCES- Think:Kids - "Think skill, not will" - Collaborative Problem Solving- Take the Stone Out of the Shoe - Chapter 22: Principles for Enhancing Attention, Behavior, and Executive Function- At Wit's End - Chapter 11: Executive FunctionSpeak directly to a Learning Specialist

Friday Apr 28, 2023

"In my opinion, there’s definitely some theoretical basis to understand that anxiety has increased in relation to the introduction of technology and digital media."- Dr. Keeban NamIn this episode, Jill Stowell and Dr. Keeban Nam, psychiatrist, talk about several hot topics that were only exacerbated by the pandemic.School Refusal: Why does it happen, and why is it worse after the pandemic?Digital Media: This "new" way of communicating has become the norm, but how is it affecting teens and families? What are appropriate guidelines for digital media, and how can parents connect with their kids and teens?Medication and ADHD: When is medication helpful? When isn't it? How should parents approach this topic?These are very difficult questions for parents, and if you are struggling with any of these issues, you are not alone. --GUESTDr. Keeban Nam - Child, Adolescent, & Adult Psychiatrist
Oak Health Center: 949-258-3741
Oak Health Center
Oak Health Center on Facebook
Oak Health Center on Instagram
Oak Health Center on Twitter
Oak Health Center on LinkedIn
At Wit's End - Chapter 9: Attention and Memory Q&A
LD Expert Podcast Episode 33: Mental Health – Social Anxiety In Teens – Dr. Tracy Ballardo
LD Expert Podcast Episode 34: Sleep and Learning - Why is it so Important? - with Dr. Giancarlo Licata
LD Expert Podcast Episode 42: Video Games And What They Do To The Brain – Dr. Regine Muradian

Friday Apr 21, 2023

"The first step in building more mental and emotional flexibility is identifying the underlying skills that are not serving the student well enough."- Jill StowellAdapting to change can be really difficult for our neurodiverse learners, particularly those on the autism spectrum.In this episode, we’re going to talk about why change is so hard and look at some tools for helping your child build stronger comprehension and mental flexibility.You'll learn:
Reasons behind mental inflexibility
Tips for you and your inflexible child or teen
2 easy strategies you can use right now to integrate both hemispheres of the brain
- Episode Resources and Transcript- Cross Crawls- Infinity Walk Book I: The Physical Self by Deborah Sunbeck- Infinity Walk: Preparing Your Mind to Learn! by Deborah Sunbeck


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